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BaseBox2 + Airmax mobile clients connection problem

Mon Feb 11, 2019 4:40 pm


I've got a bunch of Mikrotik APs managed by CAPsMAN - an indoor part consists of a dozen or so RBcAP2nD, also there is an outdoor couple of RB912UAG-2HPnD BaseBoxes2 with Ubiquity Airmax antennas attached (not sure about exact model). All of them are provisioned with the same configuration.
While the indoor part works fine, reportedly connectivity degrades severely when coming into range of the outdoor APs. Pages stop loading, hotspot landing page won't load, speedtesting shows rx/tx around 1Mbps, etc.
What I have gathered is as follows:

1) rx signal strength anywhere in the spot supposedly covered by outdoor APs is low, ranging from -85 to -72 dB. Tx rate can go as high as 57.7Mbps, while Rx rate stays 1Mbps (on very rare occasion some clients go up to 2Mbps). Strangely, indoor APs provide better rates with almost same signal strength (maybe less noise from neighbour wi-fi inside an underground parking?).
2) /interface wireless print on BaseBox shows
;;; managed by CAPsMAN
;;; channel: 2427/20-Ce/gn(30dBm), SSID: something-public, CAPsMAN forwarding
Am I right assuming that AP's antenna is set to 30dBm (which seems adequately powerful)?
3) In controller logs I see a lot of these messages:
16:37:30 caps,info 04:B1:67:57:C4:B0@BB1-1-1 connected, signal strength -82
16:37:36 caps,info 04:B1:67:57:C4:B0@BB1-1-1 disconnected, 4-way handshake timeout
16:39:29 caps,info 00:27:15:02:26:02@BB2-1 connected, signal strength -77
16:39:32 caps,info 04:F1:28:53:D9:D6@BB2-1 connected, signal strength -76
16:40:31 caps,info 04:F1:28:53:D9:D6@BB2-1 disconnected, received deauth: unspecified (1)
16:41:48 dhcp,info dhcp-hotspot deassigned from 00:27:15:02:26:02
16:42:29 caps,info 9C:28:40:48:A4:56@BB1-1 connected, signal strength -83
16:43:37 caps,info 9C:28:40:48:A4:56@BB1-1 disconnected, extensive data loss
16:44:36 caps,info 00:27:15:02:26:02@BB2-1 reassociating
16:44:36 caps,info 00:27:15:02:26:02@BB2-1 connected, signal strength -81
16:47:21 caps,info 00:27:15:02:26:02@BB2-1 disconnected, extensive data loss
16:48:30 caps,info 00:27:15:02:26:02@BB1-1 connected, signal strength -84
16:49:30 caps,info 00:27:15:02:26:02@BB1-1 disconnected, extensive data loss
Would it be correct to attribute data loss and handshake timeouts to signal weakness?

Channel config:
/caps-man channel                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
add band=2ghz-b/g/n control-channel-width=20mhz extension-channel=Ce name=channel-hotspot

So the questions I have are:
- can the antenna signal be boosted with config options, and should I even try to do it?
- if yes/yes, will roaming between APs persist even with several provisioned configs (as long as SSID stays the same)?
- can anything else be done to make connection more reliable?


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