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PtP SXT Lite 5 micro disconnects

Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:52 pm

Hi, I have two PtP with SXT Lite 5... one is working fine but the other PtP has micro disconnects (same config, different IP, SSID and channel).... it´s soo strange, I explain:

Connect to RoMON and I can see all devices but all after this PtP dissapears on the showed RoMON devices in Winbox..... one or two seconds and appears again.... and again and again....

In the PPPoE server I see that no one client disconnects, all connecteds.

In PtP Link status no show any "Link Down". I change the channel to anyone free and it connect to another... for example, I use 5560 in Wireless tab in Frequency and in Status show it´s using 5220..... Why? If I selected one frequency why use other?

Anyone knows about this micro cuts...?? If I change channel ping is 1-2 ms and when start to fail ping rise to 30-40... and up to 150ms.... need to "change frequency" or touch something to get good ping again.

Clients known about this microcut because the streaming TV frezes....

Help is welcome!! Thanks!!

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