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connected, is AP, wants WDS, three Mikrotik Metal, static/dynamic WDS

Mon May 13, 2019 7:13 pm


I have three Mikrotik metal routers and want them to create a wireless link between them.
First of I had them configured to dynamic WDS.

They do not have dhcp, their ip are,,

This worked on the test bench and for one time they all connected together when they were installed in the boat.
All three SSID where the same,
Now they never connect even when they see each other(I can do a scan)

Have now tried to set them up as static WDS but now I get the error message "connected, is AP, wants WDS".
Have changed SSID, but WDS is set to "ignore SSID".
Found someone talking about disabling encryption, I have removed the wireless password but still have the same issue.

Required data rate is low, we only use them to send text strings every second.

Followed these guides,

6.44 firmware

Would appreciate any help, are stuck.


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