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Interface list in caps-man access-list

Wed May 15, 2019 6:23 pm

I have a working access list with two entries to accept connections with strong enough signals and reject those that are too weak. They specify an interface of any. I know they work because, as I accidentally discovered, if the entry has a comment then the comment shows in the registration table. I am trying to add two entries to the front of the list to be even more restrictive for my outside access points. They have comments different than the other entries which follow. I have created an interface list with each of those interfaces and specified that list via the drop-down list for the interface in caps-man. The problem is that they don't seem to be working. All the entries in the registration table have a comment from the later entries in the list, although I can see from the log and registration table that the criteria for the more restrictive entries were met. Is there some secret to using an interface list as an interface?

Addendum: Maybe my question should be if interface lists can be used as an interface in caps-man access-list? Below is what the documentation says, and the drop down list shows my list as one of the choices. IMO, I think if the drop down list shows my list then it should work.

Rules with interface=any are used for any wireless interface and the interface=all defines interface-list “all” name. To make rule that applies only to one wireless interface, specify that interface as a value of this property.

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