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How to AutoChange AP automatically when no internet?(type like FAILOVER mode)

Mon May 27, 2019 10:05 am

Hello folks, I'm trying to find a way to make auto connection when one of my AP is down. It's very hard to me, so I need help from you guys. I have 2 SXT LITE5 one (as ap doing station) and other (as client receiving internet) and I've a Router (Linkysis E6350 5Gh) doing AP too in mode Station PSEUDOBRIDGE from my Client (Because is connected to another router TP-Link to give Internet connection wireslly because the limitation of one MAC). So basically from my distance i can receive both AP.

I need to find a way to if one of the AP is down, automatically reconnect to the other. One is called NexCantv (SXT Lite5) and the other is called Country (Linksys EA6350), both have the same security profile. So i was doing manually is Clicking Wireless-WLAN1-Scan and changing between the two but is so frustrate.

My AP SXT Lite5 receive internet from a router connected as another Wireless Repeater because that neighbour doesn't want cables over the floor so has Gateway

My Router Linksys receive internet from TP-Link Router so has Gateway

So as far i know when i'm changing manually (Process Wireless-Wlan1-Scan-Connect) i need to click renew to receive internet connection from any.

I found an script but i don't know if it works for me, but it seems it wasn't finished.

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