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Wireless wire dish same problem on two independent links

Tue Jun 11, 2019 12:24 pm

We have two p2p wireless wire links. One link with dishes and one with small ones.
Both running routeros v6.44.3. I've installed them and forget about them for a while... Yesterday was heavy rain, so i've been checking that everything is OK and i've found they work well even during storm (dish link ~1km, small link ~180m). But i've found that 5 days ago both of the units had linkdown AT APPROXIMATELY THE SAME TIME.

This is very weird. There is nothing these devices have in common except me being the admin. They are even installed in different parts of the city. I am strugling to figure out what caused the outage. Also i've checked the uptime and there was no reboot during the link outage...

It almost seems like there was some integer overflow of some transmission timing variable during that hour. But i don't know how any of this works, so i am just guessing, why two independent links should go down at the same time (given they go down very rarely and haven't been down since then).

Frequency is manualy set to 64800 on both devices and MCS have not changed during the outage.


Any ideas what might have caused this weird synchronicity?

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