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PTP Bridge, periodical loose pings for a few seconds

Sat Jun 15, 2019 10:39 pm

I have a problem and don't know how to fix it

I have several PTP bridges with QRT5ac to QRT5ac
or SXT5HGac to SXT5HGac

they used to works very very good until OS 6.39
by setting them up to PTP bridge mode via quick set

after updating them to OS 6.43.14 (and 6.43.16) (longterm)
(using netinstall for clear completelly new setup)
and making a new PTP brigde via quickset
they are conneting fast and fine
but periodically the other side is not responding or responds very slow for a few seconds
=> the connection does NOT refuse (says winbox, wireless registration shows uptime)
but it seems to me, that the connection is not stable,
because i think, that the devices try to optimize the wireless connection periodically (find a better speed ?)
and in these few seconds, the response and pings are very very poor (timeouts or pings more than 2 seconds)

this sounds not a big problem, but with video streaming (connection to network surveillance cameras) it is a big problem
and with remote controlling other pcs through the connection it is a big problem too
I don't need a high speed, I need a stable and not interrupting connection

if I'm right with my suspicion, what the problem is
I don't know where to switch off this option, I can not find the right setting

What do you think ?
Do you know what option it is ?
Please let me know


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