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"Wireless Switch" configuration?

Mon Jun 17, 2019 10:08 am

hey guys,
i'm trying to figure out how to set up RouterOS to function basically as a "wireless switch", with the wlan1 interface as its "uplink port". it will be connecting to both MikroTik and non-MikroTik access points (non-MTik more often than not) depending on where i am. i want it to transparently pass DHCP traffic from the main internet source or main router, to all the devices connected to the "wireless switch" via an ethernet cable. i don't need any firewall on it, and i don't want it to do NAT; i'd prefer to start with a device that has no configuration settings on it, rather than starting out with the default config.

so here are the 2 main types of setups that this may be used in (although there may be more); the "wireless switch" will be called "WS", for short:

1) Cable ISP <--> x86 RouterOS main router (with LAN DHCP server/NAT; wired ports only) <--> non-MTik AP <==> WS <--> wired devices
2) Wifi Hotspot ISP <==> WS <--> x86 RouterOS main router (with local LAN DHCP server; wired ports only) <--> GigE switch <--> wired devices

<--> = wired connection
<==> = wireless connection

"WS" could be a RB951G, RBMetal, hAP mini, mAP lite, mAP, or even the wireless AC versions of these.

on my RB951G, i have tried the settings described here to a "T", and it does not work.

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