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MikroTik RouterBOARD wAP R-2nD, loss of connectivity

Wed Jun 19, 2019 4:49 pm

I have problems with connecting to my LTE provider "Megafon" Russia.
LTE kit uses LTE band 7, RSRP=-65dBm, which is pretty good afaik.
I get this messages in log

Code: Select all

16:46:08 lte,async,raw lte1: rcvd +CESQ: 99,99,255,255,24,75
16:46:11 lte,async,raw lte1: sent AT+CESQ
16:46:12 lte,async,raw lte1: rcvd +CESQ: 99,99,255,255,21,75
16:46:15 lte,async,raw lte1: sent AT+CESQ
16:46:15 lte,async,raw lte1: rcvd +CESQ: 99,99,255,255,21,75
16:46:17 lte,async,raw +CREG: 11, 1ea0, bfbf18f, 7
16:46:17 lte,async,raw +CEREG: 11,"1ea0","0bfbf18f",7
16:46:17 lte,info lte1: not registred, state: 11
16:46:17 lte,async,event +CGEV: EPS DED DEACT 1,5 ///*here I lose ip connectivity to the address of the lte interface*
16:46:18 lte,async,raw lte1: sent AT+CFUN?
16:46:18 lte,async,raw lte1: rcvd +CFUN: 1
16:46:18 lte,async,raw lte1: sent AT+COPS?
16:46:18 lte,async,raw lte1: rcvd +COPS: (0,0,"MegaFon",7,0),(0,0,"MegaFon",7,0)
16:46:18 lte,async,raw lte1: sent AT+CSQ
16:46:18 lte,async,raw lte1: rcvd +CSQ: 99,99
16:46:18 lte,async,raw +CREG: 1, 1ea0, bfbf18f, 7
16:46:18 lte,debug lte1: network access technology: Evolved 3G (LTE)
16:46:18 lte,info lte1: registered home
16:46:18 lte,async,raw +CEREG: 1,"1ea0","0bfbf18f",7
16:46:18 lte,async,event +CGEV: EPS PDN ACT 5
16:46:19 lte,async lte1: sent AT+CGDCONT?
16:46:19 lte,async lte1: rcvd +CGDCONT: 5,"IP","fixedip.nw.MNC002.MCC250.GPRS","",,,8021100301001081060a4e482c83060a4e4824000d040a4e482c,
16:46:19 lte,async lte1: sent AT+CGCONTRDP=5
16:46:19 lte,async lte1: rcvd +CGCONTRDP: 5,5,"fixedip.nw.MNC002.MCC250.GPRS","","","","","","","","0","0"
16:46:21 lte,async,raw lte1: sent AT+CFUN?
16:46:21 lte,async,raw lte1: rcvd +CFUN: 1
16:46:21 lte,async,raw lte1: sent AT+COPS?
16:46:21 lte,async,raw lte1: rcvd +COPS: (0,0,"MegaFon",7,0),(0,0,"MegaFon",7,0) ///*Connectivity restores here*
16:46:21 lte,async,raw lte1: sent AT+CESQ
lte-interface remains in "up" state, signal strenght does not drop, cpu load is fine, dhcp-client with ip address remains in possession of the adddress.
I've tried:
-improving LTE signal via repositioning
-upgrading firmware, version after version, from 6.43 to the 6.45beta62
-fixing lte-bands the the bands of my LTE provider
-locking network modes to the GSM, 3G or LTE modes respectively

The problem remains.
Looking for help, thank you in advance

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