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Trouble Establishing Link w/ Wireless Wire Dish

Wed Jul 03, 2019 1:02 am


My neighbor has gigabit internet availability at his house while I don't have anything at all 800ft away, so I've been trying to set up a link between us. I opened my own separate gig internet account at his house and initially just tested the antennas from his deck to mine, which resulted in 220mbps speed tests.

He doesn't want antennas visible on his property so I ran conduit underground from his house 150 feet out into the woods. The line of sight from there was challenging but after clearing a bunch of branches, shrubs, and a tree, it seems good. Unfortunately I've been unable to get the link to work. A couple of things have changed from the original test. I upgraded the modem from an arris surfboard to a Motorola mb8600 because Comcast said the SB wasn't gigabit compatible. I've added an XR500 Nighthawk router that wasn't there when I initially tested. And of course there's all the new cable including one cat6 plug that I terminated myself.

My computer says "no internet". My router's internet light flashes orange when I have dhcp enabled and white when I set a static ip. I'm trying to rule out potential problems one at a time. I am able to connect to both antennas if I set a static ip address on the same subnet. They seem to be transmitting data. The power and wireless connection indicators are solidly illuminated on both antennas, and the Ethernet indicator is flashing on both. I can send screenshots of whatever you think might help.

Thank you!!
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Re: Trouble Establishing Link w/ Wireless Wire Dish

Wed Jul 03, 2019 4:04 pm

If you already established that the link works from your neighbor's deck to your deck, and the distances are more or less the same, then start by testing out all of the extras, and removing most of them if possible. First test the cable. Make sure it shown link UP. Just plug a computer into the house end of it. What type of cable is it? Is it at least Cat 5e? What speed does it auto-negoatiate? It should negotiate Gbit speed. Connect a computer on one end that has btest.exe installed on it (download it from and test against the bandwith server enabled on the antenna. OR just take the cable home and test it. Check for kinks in the cable, damage, etc. Running a cable through a wooded area without a conduit can lead to problems as the the cable gets snagged on sticks, rocks, etc. Next look at the power supply of the antenna: If the cable is low gauge less expensive cable, it will suffer noticeable voltage losses at 150 feet. What voltage/amperage is the power supply? Is it adequate? If it is a 12V power supply, this may be your problem. Do all of this before you mess around with the new hardware. Your new hardware shouldn't even enter your mind until you have established a reliable PtP antena between the antennas. Just make sure that you can establish a connection as you did deck to deck, with as few extras as is necessary. Step by step, check off each additional item, one by one.

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