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wAP to create a private wlan sharing a public wifi internet connection

Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2019 12:24 am
by plastik
Hello everyone!

I would really appreciate your help while facing a network scenario I try to implement, utilising a preferably a single wAP-RBwAP2nD, which I just obtained.

I am trying to create a private wifi network behind a nat/firewall and connect to the internet through another wifi internet connection. Is this possible?
Tplink refers to this mode of operation as "wisp client router" for its mobile routers but I went for the wAP because outdoor capability was required and I was intrigued to try Mikrotiks.

Could you please provide me with some guidelines on the topics and modes I should study, if this formation is possible?

As I mentioned, idealy, I would like to implement the network using only with the wAP, but if this is impossible I could also wire-connect it to a simplistic wireless access point. Internet connection though can only be wireless and outdoor. The wifi signal of the internet connected public wlan is checked at the spot and is strong.

I must admit I have no prior experience in the mikrotik ecosystem and I am at a relatively novice level regarding network administration.