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CAPsMan radio-mac conflict

Mon Jul 29, 2019 8:32 pm

I have 50 wsAP configured as CAPs with a CCR acting as CAPsMan.
In 5 of them, I get errors like this:
removing connection [CC:2D:E0:66:EE:11/43/9bc1, Run, [CC:2D:E0:66:EE:11]] because of radio-mac conflict with [CC:1E:E0:4E:2B:40/43/9688, Join,[[CC:1E:E0:4E:2B:40/]], radio-mac E4:8D:8C:94:04:46
Why those APs have the same radio mac-addresses is a mistery to me.

For an unknown reason, if I force change wireless interface's mac-address with duplicated mac-addresses, CAPsMan seems to see the original interface mac-address and, therefore, this error is thrown and radios are constantly switching on and off.

Any idea?

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