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Ideal hardware for multiple wireless bridges/client setup

Tue Jul 30, 2019 9:16 pm

So i have a few wireless AP's that i want to do some testing with. I'm very new to mikrotik systems but the 10GB wired router i have is pretty awesome so far.

I have 2 AP's which are 2 separate SSID's that i want to have 2 devices connect to as a client/bridge where i can then use the router to do link aggregation/bandwidth management through the wired connection to the wireless client/bridge to use different pipes when they reach the threshold.

I can configure this on the router no issues however mikrotik hardware is nothing i am very knowledgeable about.

What devices would best fit my use case? I don't need anything fancy just something gig wired and N capable wireless. The lower the power usage the better.

This device would work for what i want to do correct?

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