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ptmp with Metal5 and 3 GrooveA-52

Wed Jul 31, 2019 8:32 am


I have 4 Mikrotiks.

3 x Groove A-52HPn r2
1 x Metal 5SHPn

I want to create a ptmp connection. I will use 1 groove as the base station and the three remaining Mikrotiks as stations.

Do I set the base station as AP bridge and the three other Mikrotiks as station-bridge or as station wds? Which offers most bandwidth and more reliable?

It should be one large bridged (flat) network. Do I create a "bridge" and add both ether1 and wlan1 to bridge? Do assign the IP to the bridge interface?

Should I use A/N or N only?

I have tried multiple scenarios and the reliability seems lacking.

TIA for your review and any suggestions :)

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