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How to determine the reason for the periodic disconnection of Hap Lite routers?

Thu Aug 01, 2019 9:17 pm

Good day to all!
So, there is a Mikrotik HAP Lite RB941-2ND router , a week ago there was a problem with it, about it later. I put another router instead - Mikrotik Hap Lite RB941-2ND-TC, transferred all the settings from the old router to it using the backup function, but the problem remained, the router behaves similarly. Now the essence of the problem: you turn on the router, everything works, after some time, with different, maybe 10 minutes, maybe troubles start for half an hour, first disconnects users from our server (connected via RDP), then the Internet disappears, at that time Connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, the connection hangs on "Obtaining an IP address ...", then writes "Authentication error". Also, if it was connected to the router via Winbox, it writes "Router has been disconnect", and it can no longer be connected to it. Moreover, it happens that with the Winbox will be thrown out, the Wi-Fi will fall off and there may still be some connection to the LAN ports. If you reboot it, everything works, then the problem appears again.

Add. Information:
1. The router got an employee from the past, all the settings were made before me and everything worked until it stopped in one day.
2. The router has multiple VPN PPTP configured.
3. I don’t know if this is an important point, but through both routers the ping on is 22-23ms, and each nth packet has a delay of 80ms, then 144ms, and even more.
4. I put some Asus instead of microtics, everything works fine there, but there are far from all the settings as on Mikrotik, or rather only PPPoE connection is raised and that's all. And ping stably 22-23ms, without bursts.
4. When pinging the gateway, when any microtic is connected, the delay is less than 1 ms, which is normal, but one packet of several can show ping, for example, 80 ms, or even higher.
5. I thought the switch was problematic, I changed its result 0. I remind you that Asus router works fine on any switch.
4. If you turn off the Internet and the switch from Mikrotik, he worked steadily for 3 days (he just didn’t test it anymore).
5. The network is organized as follows: Router, one switch, with 7 ports occupied. Some users have access to the local network via VPN PPTP.

If you need more information - write. Thanks for any help!

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