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SXT2 + iPod/droid/win = problems, need help.

Fri Aug 02, 2019 11:25 am

Hello there, everyone. Long story short, we have a warehouse with rows, which length is about 100 meters. Also, we have iPods as a hand-held terminals and SXT-2 as an access points, controlled by CAPsMAN. Scheme like:
| ||||| |||||AP|||| |||| |
| ||||| ||||| |||| |||| |
| ||||| ||||| |||| |||| |
| ||||| ||||| |||| |||| |
|AP|||| ||||| |||| ||||AP| Or, chess-ordered one-through-one opposite accomodation.
The everything goes cracked up – even if I press the ipod towards AP, pings to the server, or even same subnetters is above 100-150, up to 3000ms. Also the location takes place: in case it's small room with gates (to provide Wi-Fi when the movers are in the truck's pod) they work fine. In the warehouse the work fine too, but a bit worse, when we moved to ex-hypermarket (same as warehouse, but bigger and more free space) I couldn't even get an IP or ping smth. And the cherry on the cake is that lately warehouse encountered huuuge problems with wifi, so even there everything was worse than ever. The Unifi stuff works fine in same place, we placed them instead of SXT-2. It feels, moving towards one direction wifi gets worse and worse, like in one point it is good, a KM away it doesn't work (of course in both points there are APs).
So -- it's a crappy magic, wifi that depends on location, time of the year, what ever IDK. Need your help, as I am yet puzzled.
P.S. Attaching some pics with spectral analysis, pings or smth. pls help.
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