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Trying to repeat a free network(Free Fon Hotspot) Questions

Mon Aug 12, 2019 7:53 am

Allright I'll try to keep it short as title says i'm trying to repeat a fon hotspot to get access to all devices across my house.
I Setted up wlan1 as wan and wlan2 as ap bridge,
setted dhcp client for wlan1, setted addresses and dhcp server for wlan2 and masquerade all traffic through wlan1.
Again when i connect from any other device to my unauthenticated mikrotik, instead of login i get a 404, the same i was getting with the bridge hotspot.
I saw on a dd wrt that fon networks use their own DNS to let client access the login page, that makes sense i guess for the 404 and the user solved it by "Additional DNSMasq Options" in the Services tab of dd wrt, which essentially pushes bt fon DNS to his router clients. I have not figured out since yesterday how to do this in routerOS.
Any ideas?
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Re: Trying to repeat a free network(Free Fon Hotspot) Questions

Mon Aug 12, 2019 4:48 pm

It would be good idea to share more details about dd wrt solution. If you want something like that, it would probably help if we knew what exactly it is.
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Re: Trying to repeat a free network(Free Fon Hotspot) Questions

Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:35 am

Hello There,
I Don't know the reason, but that post is originally written by me and posted on reddit yesterday.
I Came here to search answers on the matter and was blowed up by the fact that someone joined to post my problem.
Whatever the dd wrt solution(which i dont think its the solution anymore is here ... 16ea227f78 on the last post)

So what i have done so far is

Set up wlan 1 as WAN and station and connected to Free Fon WiFi
Added dhcp-client for wlan1
Setted up a virtual lan(wlan3) as ap bridge
Added ip address for wlan3
Setup dhcp-server for wlan3
Masqueraded all traffic through wlan1.
When a client connects, it prompts to use the captive portal which ends up to a fon page says that the page requested couldnt found.

I Then changed my mikrotiks MAC to my laptops one, now the laptop is the only mikrotiks client that can access the captive portal, and when it does every client gets internet access.

So i guess that when a client tries to access the captive portal infact the fon router knows its a different MAC than the mikrotiks, shouldn't be clients be hided behind the mikrotiks MAC since the masquerade rule?


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