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Outdoor sector antennas solution fo AP mANTBox or NetBox

Wed Aug 14, 2019 12:01 pm

Hi, I would like to replace my old RB600 with tons of CM9s running on 5G A. Thinking what would be best solution. Can you please give me some ideas? 180° and CPE max 1km. is fine so I am thinking ....

1. 2 x sector antena mANTBox 120°
2. 2 x sector antena mANT + NetBox 5 .. seems like similar RB inside so not sure it there is any different - maybe better all in one - option 1.
3. 2 x other vendor sector 2xMIMO antena + NetBox 5 / NetMetal 5
4. 2 x other vendor sector 3xMIMO antena + NetMetal 5 triple (i guess no need when most CPE has max 2 chains ants)

Is there any different running on 5G AC or N in the city? N better or not much differents (running 20 or max 40MHz anyway).

Thnx for ideas

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