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802.11 disconnects vs nv2 working

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2019 9:36 am
by axeltelecom
Hello, first excuse me for the lack information on this post i will try to add any as requested, but i feel like im missing something obvious that causes the issue and hope it would be solved easily.

First the situation. I had a 3 antenna setup with a OmniTik U-5HnD as ap bridge, a SXT 5nD r2 as station bridge and a WHA-5500CPE-NT as another station bridge. The problems began when i had to replace the Omnitik U-5HnD. After i installed the new one i couldnt maintain a stable connection with either stations. They would connect for max 20 seconds before getting the message disconnected due to extensive data loss. I maxed out the power, removed any security and the same happened. So i swaped the 2 mikrotik from 802.11 to nv2 and the connection is stable and works fine.

The question: what can cause 802.11 to be unusable but nv2 work fine.