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Hotspot woes, users having to keep signing in

Tue Sep 03, 2019 4:17 am

We have 1 hotel in particular that continually complains about an issue that I can't seem to diagnose thus I can't fix it
They keep saying that users are getting logged off and having to re sign in even in short periods of time
I would like to know 'everywhere' that can influence hotspot users so I can look and change things if necessary, as maybe i'm missing something

I've set keepalive and login timeouts to 1d and idle timeout to 3d. What else can influence this?

I notice there are duplicate entries in the 'hosts' tab of hotspot. i.e. identical MAC address but different IP address. Sometimes 1 entry will have H/DHCP symbol and the other will have D/Dynamic symbol. Could this be related to a DHCP server issue? That was set to 10 minute leases. I've now changed it to 1d as well as maybe that'll fix it
Anything else that I can check?
Would maybe changing AP's (due to poor signal) affect their login session? all are controlled by capsman. Though this is the only hotel that continually complains and all of the AP's actually have their own SSID/Password so I doubt that's got anything to do with it. And the AP's i've checked the uptime and interface stats, no errors, no disconnections for days/weeks at a time

Every time I look at this myself I see no issue, but i'm only there for half an hour or so, not 6 hours constantly checking to see if it's requiring me to sign in again
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Re: Hotspot woes, users having to keep signing in

Tue Sep 03, 2019 5:14 am

Usually seeing the same MAC with multiple IPs is caused from having a pool set in the hotspot or from having dhcp lease times set too short. Setting a IP pool in the hotspot will create a 1:1 NAT for devices that have a static IP. And sometimes it will NAT devices that received a IP from the dhcp server. There is two possible locations for this pool to be set under hotspot.

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