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How to use DHCP Server to provide unique IP for devices connected by wireless from any cAP lite

Wed Oct 09, 2019 12:16 pm

Hi, I’ve 5 routers in my home: one from ISP with 4 Lan; one TP-Link Archer C20 in my living providing Internet to my sansung smart tv (wired), connected Lan-to-lan wired as bridge AP, getting IP from first ISP router; and 3 cAP Lite in each bedroom connected to Lan ISP router (wired), configured as Basic AP. All works fine if I disconnect and reconnect my mobile devices each time but a can access only devices connected to nearster router, all SSID and password are the same but the cAPs have distinçt ip DHCP range (one router ip is and DHCP is, another is .60 and 61~89, so far). The archer c20 gets ISP ip Lan router 10.0.0.* ip, but I couldn’t make cAPs works like this router (get ip to connected devices from ISP router). All configuration I reviewed is bridge AP as conneted to another Wi-Fi router, not by LAN. So, the devices in the Wi-Fi bedrooms cannot be acessed with others from living per example (I cannot send from one bedroom from móbile to cromecast connected to tv of another bedroom). I used different wifi frequency (channel) to avoid conflits between cAPs, to use same SSID in the house. Any help will be welcome. Tks

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