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Any plans on supporting the Quectel EM12G under RouterOS 6.xx?

Thu Nov 21, 2019 1:52 am

In heavily congested areas (most of the places where people are), we need more carrier aggregation options, and the EM12G currently has the best support for different combinations of LTE bands. So it's not about, "oh, the radios only have a 100MB interface." It's about, if you only get 10~20Mbps off each band, and you can combine three, you can still possibly get 60 during congestion. This is huge, versus the current Cat 4 where they are lucky to get 10, which is not enough for a household trying to function in 2019 in the US.

The whole point of carrier agg. is to deal with congestion, not to actually give 300Mbps+ downlinks. Most Cat 6 modems, including Mikrotik's new one, have very limited carrier agg. combinations, not to mention how limited they are in available bands.

So, is this a situation where we are waiting on MBIM to get fixes in RouterOS 7, or will they add support to 6.xx like they did with Telit and Fibocom?

Quectel says the drivers are the same as the EP06A, so it shouldn't be that difficult to add support. If you do that, go ahead and add support for the EM20G, that would be great, too. I mean, the Telits are $500 chips that we can't even get. The Quectels are ~$200 or less, and are starting to show up all over.
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Re: Any plans on supporting the Quectel EM12G under RouterOS 6.xx?

Sat Dec 28, 2019 12:22 pm


I've the same problem as you.

But meanwhile the Router OS7 will be available i flashed my RBM11 G with Golden Org firmware ( an open wrt variant).

Actually i'm using one Sierra MC 7455 , but i will replace it with the EM 7565 which support the 3xCA .

Hope this helps.


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