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Lots of crc status errors in a new RN11e lora gateway-what is the cause?

Tue Dec 24, 2019 4:03 pm

I just came down from the roof, where I installed a new Mikrotik Gateway with a RN11e Lora card.

In the lokal gateway traffic I see a lot of CRC errors, related to unknown, week nodes. My own node is received correctly (not in the picture).

I assume the signals are fake, because I live I a steep mountain valley and suppose to be the first lora user here. Or can this really be week lora signals, reflected on the mountains ans therefore produce a faulty signal?
A friend of mine started with the same gateway in another place and has the same errors.
Is this a normal behavior? Hoe to proceed further to debug?

Happy Christmas!
MikroTik - LoRa at admin192.168.2.169 - Webfig v6.46.1 (stable) on LtAP (mmips) 2019-12-24 14-45-20.png.png
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Re: Lots of crc status errors in a new RN11e lora gateway-what is the cause?

Thu Feb 13, 2020 11:02 pm

Hi Martin,

Try adjusting your RSSI Threshold level to something closer to -65. What you are experiencing is that the signals are so low down in the noise floor that the packet gets corrupted.

On your picture you can see RSSI of -119 and SNR of -9.25, these are really weak signals. If you say that you might be the first to implement this in your area it may just be cosmic radiation that looks like LoRa but is just junk. If one were to open the squelch of a radio you would hear something but it may just be static that can be interpreted as data or voice.

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