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Microtik SXT LTE and LTe AP lite

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 4:59 pm
by automatedjanitor
Janitor unit has questions. Please comply. Response is appreciated. :D
So I have deployed these and have found some issues and also some positives.
I believe when they connect to lte, they are actually connecting to the HSPA band and not 4glte.
What I have found is that the HSPA 3g advanced LTE, though less MBPS, has a much faster response in real world applications. I did a test with a video on ATT 4glte on an Iphone and it took 1:09 to fully load the video, whereas the microtik with 12-18mbs loaded the video in 11-17 seconds!. The att 4g iphone was showing speeds of 45mbs. Also find the upload and download are usually identical or close to identical. I think the fact that HSPA is not being used much on the triband sectors makes it a viable solution. If it performs better in real world, I'll take better latency, response time, and less congestion.
Problems I have encountered.
The modems tend to want to connect to 3g before connecting to LTE. Typically takes 40 mins or more for the radio to switch to the advanced 3g lte.
Anyone have a way to get it to prefer LTE without disabling 3g. Usually when I disable 3g it refuses to find LTE anyway. I would rather not turn off 3g if it is needed in the future to stay connected.
Units are running 6.46.1

Re: Microtik SXT LTE and LTe AP lite

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 1:03 pm
by SiB
You use old SXT LTE 3-7 who have only band 3 and 7 only in LTE, without 2G and 3G ? This is in title of the post.

Maybe your SXTR is with what exacly modem like R11e- [ LTE | LTE4 | US | 4G ] ??.
I use SXTR + R11e-LTE6 and LTE is more preffered, when LTE haven't any signal then he migrate to 3G.
Some times "at+reset" is good to receive this HSPA+ status but on only 3G I have the same speed's then for me is not different.

More details please.