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Wireless bridge dual band fast switchover

Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:31 pm

Hello experts,

I am trying to set up a wAP ac unit (dual band) as a wireless Ethernet bridge connected to an ESS with two dual band APs (same SSID, channel, security). Using ver. 6.46.1.
The device is configured on both wlan interfaces as station pseudobridge, and a bridge is set up with ether1, wlan1, wlan2.
I need to have as fast as possible switchover (~3 sec) between APs/bands in case there of signal loss on the active wireless interface.
If I enable only one wlan with two APs, connecting to an AP and switching it off, I can get it to switch to the other AP and recover connectivity within 3 sec (testing by pings between central and remote LAN).
The problem I have is when I enable both interfaces to have the device work in dual band. Then STP kicks in and it takes at least 12 sec to recover connectivity on the second band (I disable one band on the AP and the device swaps to the other band). I can see in the STP log that for example after wlan2 deauth, it takes 10 seconds until wlan1 gets into learning, and 2 more seconds for forwarding.
I have tried reducing STP max message age and forward delay, but can't reach under 12 sec, which is too much time of disconnection for the application I am running.
Is there a way to make STP switch faster or use another mechanism instead of STP in which only one wireless interface is connected at a time (like fast band swapping).


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