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DynaDish5 problem

Wed Mar 25, 2020 2:37 pm

Dear members,

I have a problem with antennas dynadish 5 ac.
On one base station i have 4 dynadish antennas and 1 Net Metal. I have a mikrotik gigabit switch in between. One Dyna working as a Station (Reciver) the other 4 in AP BRIDGE for 4 mini base station in the villages. The problem is in LAN, I use on all antennas gigabit poe.I have no problems with net metal, only with Dynadish.Occasionally antennas only drop from 1gbit to 100mbits.Sometimes it happens that I have to shut down 1000mbits and leave 10 and 100mbits to work the lan.I must mention that the cables are well-crimped and not longer than 10m.I also tried other brands of gigabit switches and same happening.

Is there a problem with the dynadish antennas, ie the lan adapter in the antenna, and is there any solution to this?
I have to mention that I have over 20 base stations where I do not use dynadish antennas and I do not have these problems.

Thank you all for support and help.

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