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SOHO product selection - Mesh wireless and wired uplinks

Sun Jun 14, 2020 1:07 am


I am looking for a new networking solution for a small office. I have prior experience with Ubiquiti (although bitter) on copper, fiber and wireless networks, but I would really like to step away from them due to bad experiences in the past.

I tried understanding through the wiki or manual pages which Mikrotik products would work, but I am quite unsure if the products I found would work.

Wireless wise, the area is already very crowded on 2.4. I am hoping to have severals small APs and reducing output so that clients can hop to different APs and reduce the overall neighbour nuisance. 5 GHz is desired but wall composition somehow are almost totally impervious to 5 GHz (even more of a reason to place small APs in different rooms of interest). The uplinks between APs would be wired. PoE for powering APs may be interesting.

Network wise, the requirements are as simple as they can get, with the exception that the router needs to support a cellular modem (either USB or internal) for fallback if the main WAN disconnects. Router does not need to have an integrated APs as it may likely end up hidden somewhere. I'd need a VPN support (server) but it appears RouterOS does this out of the box. VLANs _may_ be used in the future for time-critical protocols (VoIP, Dante Audio) but even then the bandwidth is small (max 2-3 concurrent users, 4x Dante streams).

My objective would ideally be that clients roam seamlessly. I noticed that APs can be autonomous or be used in a centrally managed network with CAPsMAN. From what I got, CAPsMAN will centralize registration of clients. Will it also allow them to change AP association seamlessly?

From the above, I have found that I should get the following:
- hEX, as the main router.
- hAP ac2 which appears equivalent but has dual band WiFi (saving me potentially one extra AP)
- and a few cAP ac for access points

Thanks for any pointers

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