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Need help with what device to choose  [SOLVED]

Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 6:25 pm
by cihancan
Hi i have a mikrotik rbldf-5nd

and the device i wanna buy is

Problem is im low on money, im using that ldf-5 with a 400mm dish and im not satisfied with the connection quality i have right now, what if i use my spare 1000mm dish with ldf-5 would i get comparable performance to lhg xl hp5? if so only thing i need is a dish mount to be set over my roof, it will be cheaper than buying lhg xl hp5. i heard ldf is a pretty capable hardware, is that true? would it get comparable performance to a lhg xl hp5 with a 100cm dish? which means 33dbi gain for ldf-5, and what if use a dish bigger than 100cm would it boost over 33dbi? and in the information of lhg xl hp5 it says it have 27dbi gain is that total dbi it have? or it's internal antenna's gain have to be added?

Edit: Ok after some research i found out that there is no difference between those devices other than one meant to be installed to an offset and other have an integrated antenna, so there is no magic in the expensive one, and i decided to use my ldf with the 100cm spare dish i have right now. i have about %50 connection quality with 65 tx 58 rx dbm i hope that dish give me what i want which is ability to game with fair pings and connection quality.