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station bridge

Mon Jun 22, 2020 7:23 pm

I can connect via wlan to an AP by setting the wlan to "station" or "station bridge" mode (both devices are MT hAP ac^2 with RouterOS v6.47).
I wonder what the difference between "station" and "station bridge" is. What are the capabilities of these modes? When should one use which mode?
Is there a documentation about this "station bridge" mode?

found this wiki page ... ion-bridge
It says
Mode station-bridge
This mode works only with RouterOS APs and provides support for transparent protocol-independent L2 bridging on the station device. RouterOS AP accepts clients in station-bridge mode when enabled using bridge-mode parameter. In this mode, the AP maintains a forwarding table with information on which MAC addresses are reachable over which station device.

This mode is MikroTik proprietary and cannot be used to connect to other brands of devices.

This mode is safe to use for L2 bridging and is the preferred mode unless there are specific reasons to use station-wds mode. With station-bridge mode, it is not possible to connect to CAPsMAN controlled CAP.

Can someone please tell me what this practically means? Does it mean multiple devices on the station side can be reached from the AP side?

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