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connect 2 router mikrotik to repeat the connection on router mikrotik 2

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 1:34 pm
by Bakary
I need help

I have connect the 2 mikrotik RBwAP2nND wirelessly by configuring mikrotik2 to as a station to mikrotik1
Mikrotik AP2 ID: RBwAP2nND
Security profile : profile 1
password: 123456789
Station mode
Frequency :auto
ssid: mikrotikauto.
3-Dhcp client
Wlan1. Mikrotik 2 is connect to mikrotik 1 is guet a ip adress ,
I cheich Mikrotik2 is online.
4 - i have Download wireless-6.40.4-mipsbe.npk and drag an drop in fil list to mikrotik 2
5- after drag and drop, I reboot Mikrotik AP2 ID: RBwAP2nND
but after rebooting I cannot access the Mikrotik AP2 interface to continue the configuration neither by wifi nor by Ethernet port via web browser or with winbox
I did a manual reset but it is identical.