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I want to replace a BaseBox 2 with the new NetMetal ac² RBD23UGS-5HPacD2HnD

Fri Oct 02, 2020 8:27 am

The baseBox2 has a single dual chain radio, while the NetMetal ac2 seems to be 2 separate radios.
I want to use both NetMetal radios on 2.4 GHz for a 180 degree coverage each on our large trucks, one antenna on each side.

I initially wanted to create a Bridge and place both wlan1 and wlan2 in that bridge, but I'm afraid that both radios could connect to 2 different access point and create a packet storm on the Wifi network, just like when you connect a single ethernet cable in 2 ports of a dumb switch.
Q1: Would that be the case, would it create duplicate packets on both AP and any broadcast would break it ?

Q2: Would the best solution to leave both radios as independent as wlan1 and wlan2 and let them both connect to different AP and let the MikrotikOS decide which one to route to ?

Do you have a better way to configure both wlan1 and 2 to "work together" to provide a better coverage on 2.4 GHz so it behaves the same way as the BaseBox2 ?

Kind Regards.
Martin Politick.

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