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Robustness of SXT vs SXTsq

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2020 8:31 pm
by parc2407
I'm in the process testing a point to multipoint solution with Microtik equipments. The goal is to see if it works with our needs and weather. If it does, I'll do 10+ sites with this setup so I want to make sure I have the most rugged and stable Microtik AP I can get.

Right now I'm testing with
-1 Omnitik 5AC
-100 meters between Omni and the different SXT
-3 SXT Lite 5 AC (seems they stop sellng them, will pick another model in the future)

My needs are
-Robustness of the equipment. Canadian winter is hard. This is the most important thing on my list. It cost much more to dispatch a technician to replace the AP than the cost of the equipment itself if it breaks.
-Don't need much speed, 10mbps is enough
-Link robustness is also important but I see no issue here so far. Haven't tried the SXTsq however.

Now my question is:
What is the difference between the square version and the regular round SXT. I like the square form factor better (smaller means less chance of ice falling on it). Square is generally half the price depending on the version. It has a tiny bit more gain but I don't care. Is it priced lower because it's lower quality?

I could also be considering the QRT 5, it seems more rugged but it's bigger and I don't need the extra gain.

Anyone tried both and can tell their experience?

Many thanks