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SXT2hND - Odd things

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2020 9:08 am
by js671gb
Hi all,

SXT2hND set installed with a mid point hop (Solar powered, turns the signal round a sharp corner, 2x SXT2hNDs operating on the pole, well spaced etc.

{internet}------(hop1client){{{{hop 1}}}}(hop1-ap)---cat6 jumper---(hop2ap){{{{hop2}}}}(hop2client)---cat6---[fibre media converter]-----fibre------[media converter]---cat6--(client PC)

All links configured
nv2 nstreme 802.11 20/40megs Ce
-39/-40 dBm TX/RX both chains

Throughput across the link, TCP, bi-directional, using Bandwidth Test on Winbox from hop2client to hop1client is 53 meg approx, symmetric - which is acceptable as the incoming internet is only 40 meg at Hop 1 & the purpose of this link is to push it up the hill.

However, client PCs at Hop2 end only receive a max of 10 meg. Now, I'm tending towards either the short 0.5m cat6 hop, the joint block for that, or a fibre fault. Anything else wirelessly the Mikrotik regulars can think of?

The link recently failed inexplicably on the hop2 site, didn't work again after a factory reset, and then miraculously sprung back to life. Its now stable & as the wireless bits of this from hop1-2 & back are running at a steady 53 meg or so, I'm not inclined to think we now have a wireless problem.