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Unstable connection between sunset and midnight.

Fri Oct 16, 2020 9:51 pm

I'm using LHG5 as the CPE with my local WISP. The connection seems to work fine during the day but after around sunset till midnight (Peak time I'm guessing), the connection becomes very unstable. Ideally I get a ping time of ~20ms to google DNS but during such fluctuations, it goes upto 700ms average and a packet loss of upto 40 percent. I tried checking the parameters in the MikroTik App. Apparently, the Tx/Rx CCQ usually stays above 75/90 but every time I see a spike in latency, it fluctuates between 10/80 and 60/90.The link is about 1.5 Km with partial line of sight ( a few tree tops coming in the way ) with a Tx/Rx signal strength of -59/-52 and the Tx/Rx rate usually around 240/300 Mbps. In the wireless section it displays 6 Km ( I'm curious why). Also, during such fluctuations, the Tx rate drops down to 9 or even 6 Mbps. The air is not very crowded with other networks so I'm guessing interference should not be much of a problem What could be the issue?
Please ask if any further information is required.

I'm a Routing/Switching network administrator but not really familiar with MikroTik and wireless is not my field of expertise. So please provide tips on where to find certain things in the RouterOS interface.

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