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Hotspot2.0 configuration

Sat Oct 17, 2020 2:54 am

I'm trying to configure Hospot 2.0 using a Mikrotik cAP ac. I started yesterday and I don't have any prior experience with any Mikrotik devices.
So far I was able to configure a internetworking profile under <interfaces wireless internetworking profiles> hierarchy. In this profile I have mentioned valid and tested values for:
- Realms
- Roaming-ois
- WAN Metrics
Note: I've used these values to successfully test Hotspot 2.0 for multiple vendors and since I'm configuring Hotspot 2.0 Network Deployment using Non-cellular Network Credentials for Authentication only these values are required.
After this I applied this profile to my SSID interface using the command <set 0 internetworking-profiles=<Profile_Name>

Here's my question:
- For my setup to work I wish to tie a Radius server to my SSID so it uses this Radius for authentication. I don't see how I can change the SSID security settings to use WPA2-Enterprise and add my Radius to this SSID.
- Do I need to setup a security profile? My end device (cellphone) will have a Certificate installed from the provider, once the device picks up a Hotspot 2.0 enabled SSID it automatically should connect to this SSID using the certificate profile. For this to happen should I configuring anything else for Mikrotik?

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