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Some help from you Mikrotik lovers please

Wed Nov 11, 2020 5:57 am

As most of you may be aware from previous posts i am a lover of pfSense and never really bothered with Mikrotik devices. When i started out i just saw them as being an amateur approach to providing internet and not as it appears to be better than that as alot of you guys swear by Mikrotik.

That being said, i have a RB750GL that i would like to setup and test as a NAS. I am using DMA Softlabs Radius Manager as my Radius server and it works best with Mikrotik. The developer is obviously another lover of Mikrtik as his software only uses all of its features if you pair it with a Mikrotik as NAS.

What i want to do, and hope is possible, and also have no idea where to start as i haven't used Mikrotik RouterOS before is something like the following:

Keep pfSense as my Gateway/Firewall/DHCP server/Transparent Proxy/WAN and remove the Captive Portal function on pfSense and use the Captive Portal login page on the RB750GL. (Radius Manager have not yet programmed their software to be able to do automatic login using CPE MAC which i want, and this is available with using Mikrotik as NAS)

So i am hoping i can configure the RB750GL to still be able to pass DCHP to clients from pfSense, then when they have an IP and are connected to network, are authenticated through the RouterOS Hotspot Login page which authenticated them to the Radius server. Is this possible? and where do i start to configure the RB750GL in this way?
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Re: Some help from you Mikrotik lovers please

Thu Nov 12, 2020 12:02 am

This should go into newbie section. :)

Anyway, it looks like you understand networking well enough in order to start using Mikrotik on your own:
1. Get WinBox app. Works well on Mac and Linux.
2. Connect to your router (either via MAC or IP - google the difference).
3. Apply "Quick Set" configuration for a router so you get a configuration which is comparable to simple consumer-grade router.
4. Examine configuration. Either check everything in GUI or just open console and run "export" and check from top to bottom what output you get.
5. Explore Mikrotik options in WinBox. E.g. want DHCP server? Google it. Want to issue specific DNS for specific client? Google it. You will be amazed how everything is so easy with Mikrotik (unlike OpenWRT).

When talking about googling, feel free to explore these sort of Mikrotik pages:
2. ... our_Router
4. and list goes on...

Myself I found Maher Haddad training videos to be especially helpful. Highly recommend checking him out on Udemy or his website
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Re: Some help from you Mikrotik lovers please

Thu Nov 12, 2020 10:03 pm

Not sure if that is possible........
Understood you don't want the MT device in a double NAT scenario and it should act as an access point/switch like device BUT with hotspot functionality.
Uncertainty, mainly because I do not know how much of the hotspot functionality is predicated on MT being responsible for routing.
Suggest you read up references to hotspot and search for threads here using keyword search of hotspot............ must be a common issue!!
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Re: Some help from you Mikrotik lovers please

Tue Feb 09, 2021 1:31 pm

If you want to keep pfSense until you get more comfortable with ROS, but at the same time leverage user auth via radius, I'd keep provider edge duties (firewalling and NAT) on it, and set the Mikrotik as a pppoe concentrator, with either local accounts, User Manager, or external radius, and ditch DHCP and hotspot altogether.
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Re: Some help from you Mikrotik lovers please

Tue Feb 09, 2021 3:05 pm

Although I am new here, after reading your problem description very carefully, I think it is impossible. MT equipment should be used as an access point/switch just like a BUT with hotspot function, with great uncertainty.
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