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[LoRa] :: Error in my thoughts or MikroTik Bug ?

Tue Nov 17, 2020 3:54 pm

[LoRa] :: Error in my thoughts or MikroTik Bug ?

I have configured forwarding to TTN and private LoRa-Server at the same time on my MikroTik LoRa-Gateway -> see Screenshot 1a & 1b
I've been running the Gateway for almost a year now and all data arrives correctly at TTN.
The private server also receives UDP data -> Screenshot 2a and 3b shows the UDP data I receive on the private server.

But I am missing the LoRa Device address in the local UDP records -> see Screenshot 2a & 2b
Screenshot 3 shows the TTN Console with the same record. Here I see ‘dev_addr’ …
In the WinBox under LoRa Traffic or in Log I can also see the 'Dev Addr'.

Do i have a thought error here ???

Screenshot 1a :: Config Private Server
1a-Mikrotik - LoRa Server Config.png

Screenshot 1b :: Add Private Server
1b-Mikrotik - LoRa Devcie Config.png
Screenshot 2a :: Received UDP Data on local Server (as Screenshot)
Screenshot 2b :: Received UDP Data on local Server (as formatted Text)
Screenshot 3 :: TTN Console Screenshot
3_TTN Console_Screenshot.png
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