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Super Noob question

Sun Dec 06, 2020 10:32 am


I am completely new to networking beyond setting up a simple home router. I am currently on a project on a ship. I have a portside and starboard PLC, both have fixed IP-addresses in the same range. The PLC's have no wireless capabilities so I brought my mAP and RB2011UiAS-2HDnD-IN. This way I can walk around and do tests and setups in different locations and see what happens on the PLC's. I have now set it up as Network A for portside and Network B for starboard. This works but it is annoying to disconnect and reconnect all the time when switching between sides on my laptop. I pretty sure there must be a simple solution to make this 1 small happy network with my laptop (which is also on fixed ip in the same range), there is no internet involved.

As said I am new to this and tried looking through the forum, but as I have no idea what I am looking for this didn't help much. I did notice that most of the very helpful people take big steps in explaining like you would to an equal. So please be patient and explain in baby steps what I should set in which unit.

thanks a lot in advance.

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