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Unstable 60G link

Tue Dec 08, 2020 5:02 am

This link is bouncing up/down every 15 minutes.

60G Cube Lite to WAP 60:

CPE side:

/interface w60g> monitor 0
connected: yes
frequency: 64800
remote-address: 04:D6:AA:69:97:B6
tx-mcs: 3
tx-phy-rate: 962.0Mbps
signal: 40
rssi: -58
tx-sector: 52
tx-sector-info: right 0.4 degrees, up 1.8 degrees
distance: 124.36m
tx-packet-error-rate: 4%

If you monitor for 30 seconds, you'll see the signal, rssi and tx-phy-rate values bounce around a bit. This is a clear line of sight with no obstructions on the roof of two buildings way above street level.

The CPE is

routerboard: yes
board-name: Cube Lite60
model: RBCube-60ad
serial-number: BF620B1C0175
firmware-type: qca9531L
factory-firmware: 6.45.8
current-firmware: 6.45.8
upgrade-firmware: 6.45.8

Base is

routerboard: yes
board-name: wAP 60G AP
model: RBwAPG-60ad-A
serial-number: 8B9408CBBC30
firmware-type: ipq4000L
factory-firmware: 3.40.1
current-firmware: 3.40.1
upgrade-firmware: 6.45.7

Any suggestions? Is there a preferred firmware?

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Re: Unstable 60G link

Tue Dec 08, 2020 6:09 pm

Latest ROS helps a lot

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