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Outdoor Repeater

Wed Dec 09, 2020 4:56 pm

Hey experts!
Screenshot 2020-12-09 165608.png
We have an AP which is not created by a MikroTik device that needs to be repeated twice in a 150m hops.
Along the route there will be some clients(7 max), all clients support only 2.4GHz.
Solution should be weatherproof.
What would you suggest?
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Re: Outdoor Repeater

Wed Dec 09, 2020 5:14 pm

Please clarify "Along the route there will be some clients(7 max)" , as there is no wifi route, only 3 AP's so far. So a client could be at 75m from an AP? In any direction ?
Crowded area or deserted? Line-of-sight between the AP's ?

Many possible ways to tackle this, and separating the devices for the backbone connection (the 3 AP points) , and the AP devices serving the clients, would that be acceptable, or not ?
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Re: Outdoor Repeater

Thu Dec 10, 2020 1:51 pm

Without knowing the specifics, as bpwl asks - the "backbone" should be separated from the AP/Clients. This can be done either with separate APS or with a dual radio AP.

The only solution I would deploy is something like this:
AP (non mikrotik)
(FIRST 150M station)
MT CLIENT (connecting to non MT AP)
MT AP1 (For clients)
MT P2P (to MT P2P on second site)
(SECOND 150M station)
MT P2P (to MT P2P on first site)
MT AP2 (for clients)

If I had clear line of sight from the non mikrotik AP to both "stations" I would test MT CLIENT+AP on both 150M points.
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Re: Outdoor Repeater

Sun Dec 13, 2020 12:30 pm

Hey guys,
Thank you for the answers - allow me to clarify:
  • I'm not sure using the word route was right - I meant that in between the APs, to their left and their right, in a max distance of 150m from an AP, there will be a maximum of 7 clients.
  • This is actually a long, straight line, in a deserted place, not crowded at all
  • Perfect line of sight between APs
If it will be possible to use only one MT product in each AP point with one/two antennas will be the best solution for me, is that possible?
I was thinking of this - ... ifications

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