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Best wireless networking solution on mikrotik?

Sun Dec 27, 2020 12:16 pm

Hello, I have a desktop that I would like to connect to our home network in a room that very definitely does not have ethernet, or a reasonable way to run an ethernet cable to it. What would, in your opinion, be the best way to connect the desktop to our network (Factoring in ping, download/upload, etc).

Current ideas include a PCI wifi card and Wireless Extender. Thoughts on these solutions would be appreciated.

EDIT: To be clear, I am not asking for a specific product, just a method of connection on mikrotik​​​​​​​
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Re: Best wireless networking solution on mikrotik?

Sun Dec 27, 2020 1:04 pm

Ethernet over powerline might give better experience (highly depends on power wiring setup) than wireless. Typically you would be getting better delay and comparable throughputs with less jitter due to external interference.

If you go for wireless solution and would like to have more than one wired device connected to your network, then you may want to create a wireless bridge between wired LAN segments ... for that you'd need two mikrotik APs (or a pair of devices by another vendor, bridging is not standardized), one configured as AP-bridge (normal mode), the other one as station-bridge making this a transparent intra-LAN connection. You'd connect wired clients to ethernet ports of client AP.
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Re: Best wireless networking solution on mikrotik?

Sun Dec 27, 2020 3:32 pm

What ^^^^^^ he said.

From small netbuilder - doesnt seem updated though!!
AV1200 - TPlink
AV1200 - Trendnet

From techradar
Devolo Magic 2 WiFi
TP-Link AV2000 Powerline adapter

Dlink has units that come with antennas for wifi etc..

Depending upon budget and personal handiness with tools, you could do a short haul with 60ghz cubes - SAWEET.
Pair of these pointing at each other ethernet cable into the house BAM, you have a 1gig connetion :-)
Of course the ethernet should go through these before hitting any devices .........
Mikrotik RBGESP Gigabit Ethernet Surge Protector
(I prefer these at least if doing it indoors - ... -protector )
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