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Help with improving Disc lite5 ac PTP?

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2020 1:18 pm
by GlenPereira
i was looking for ptp solution then i was recommended mikrotik as you get better hardware for far less money.
but wow now that i bought it, so much you can do with it and im not really sure which to tinker with.
Could anyone helps me abit?

i have 300mbps internet, was trying to send it to a building less than 1km away with clear line of sight.
so i purchased Disc Lite5 AC, should be overkill, right?

after setting the device up, in a controlled environment, beaming to each other in 2-3m away.
i only get about 150mbps in internet speed, bandwidth test from the winbox however is more than 500mbps.
connecting my pc directly to ethernet would yield around 270-300mbps.