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Problem in he hotspot walled garden

Mon Dec 28, 2020 6:37 pm

Recently , i set hotspot walled garden config to allow specific dst.address can pass through
for the hotspot verification on the another server (btw this server also in this LAN)
i have the very interesting result (BTW all use wireless to connect)
my laptop(windows x86) it's can successfully connect to this server with out any hotspot login
but in mobile devices
the web result is "gateway timeout"
i'm not sure why but when i disable hotspot server everyting is working
so this not my server setting problem
oh BTW if u can't understand why i need that ,see this picture
and this setting
i was try
clear cookie
reboot router
reboot my mobile device
search on the wiki
search error 504 gateway timeout
search mikrotik 504 gateway timeout
search mikrotik hotspot 504 gateway timeout
upgrade mikrotik router version
and reboot over and over again
the result is always 504

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