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WiFi Extension Recommendations

Tue Dec 29, 2020 4:22 pm

With this quarantine in effect I've been using my garage as a workspace -- problem is that it's far enough away from the house where I don't even see my WiFi SSID from the house show up. Whats the best option for getting wifi out to a garage unit that's ~100ft away? There's another apartment (4 walls) between the router and garage. I'm considering the PWR-LINE solution but I'm pretty sure the garage is on another circuit. Also, looking at Point-Point solutions like the SXTsq_Lite2 or Groove52. Would appreciate some recommendations.
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Re: WiFi Extension Recommendations

Tue Dec 29, 2020 5:08 pm

There are many things that can influence your decision. This is an outdoor connection, how "free" is the 2.4GHz spectrum there?
SIgnal that is very low indoors, might be there and interfere outdoor. What are the requirements for speed?

Essential characteristic in the wireless PtP solution is the directional antenna. (Groove52 is omnidirectional)

Just as an example ...

What I do for this, is mounting 2 "SXTsq 5 ac" on the outside wall's, pointing to each other and using "bridge" and "station bridge" mode. To serve the clients a hAP/cAP/wAP is used. (e;g. hAP ac2).
The indoor units are 1Gb ethernet wired connections to the SXTsq.
I know this is a luxury solution, with a very high speed connection.

Many alternatives are possible , like a SXTsq 5 Lite, and a hAP ac Lite (with PoE out built in).
Like combining the AP and PtP in one device. (The requirements are a trade off between the 2 functions). Just a wAP ac outdoor at the garage?

Even if your garage is on another circuit the PWR-Line might still work. (Unless it is 3 phase electrical provisioning, with a different phase to the garage.)

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