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Roaming, repeater, WDS and Mesh (HWMP+) a

Thu Dec 31, 2020 9:18 pm


I was up for a bit of reading and learn some new wireless tutorial. I have been experimenting a lot with capmans lately and now, wish to learn more about WDS and mesh. Reading different wiki,

Here are some conclusion I came to and would like you to comment.

- When no ethernet cables are available I like to use PL6411-2nd with capsman but limited to single 2.4GHz band. Maximum of 8 AP with PWL. With the proper configuration clients roaming seems to work good
- Repeater mode, easy to deploy, add latency, work with a single radio.
- WDS, requires two radio, can be conbined with rtsp to create a mesh network.
- HWMP+, a L2 routing protocol that can combine different kind of mesh port to construct a topology.

I'm trying to find if the Audience (169$) product with HWMP+ would be a better choice for large home networking than using pwrlinepro (59$) + hAPac lite (49.95$) + capsman. I see very limited applications for the Audience product compare to what I have done so far with the power line adapter, but would like to get your stories.


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