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LHGG LTE - Heatsink and M.2 adapter? Does it fit?

Sun Jan 10, 2021 11:43 am


I have some questions about the new LHGG LTE. ... tn-gallery

It has an cat6 mPCIe modem. If I buy the LHGG I would probably want to change the mPCIe modem with an M.2 one. But since it has a huge front heatsink I'm asking me some questions.

1. Is the heatsink attached to the modem or only to the SoC/Marvell chip?

2. With this heatsink is it still possible to use a mPCIe to M.2 adapter or is there no room left anymore? (On the first LHG LTE the adapter fits since there is no heatsink)

3. One unrelated question. Is the mPCIe connector connected to an USB 3 or only USB 2 bus?

4. Are there any pictures of the inside of the LHGG?

Thank you!

(Do you think I could send a mail to Mikrotik's support to ask those questions? )

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