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ISSUE CapsMan lost Configuration after reboot

Sat Jan 16, 2021 2:48 am

                   uptime: 10m39s
                  version: 6.48 (stable)
               build-time: Dec/22/2020 11:20:49
         factory-software: 6.43.10
              free-memory: 77.6MiB
             total-memory: 128.0MiB
                      cpu: ARMv7
                cpu-count: 4
            cpu-frequency: 716MHz
                 cpu-load: 1%
           free-hdd-space: 1392.0KiB
          total-hdd-space: 15.3MiB
  write-sect-since-reboot: 2037
         write-sect-total: 171022
               bad-blocks: 0%
        architecture-name: arm
               board-name: hAP ac^2
                 platform: MikroTik
After reboot of my RB I lost main configuration of CapsMan (its disabled and empty)

problem is in Package Path
because if you specify any path and that path is empty during rebooting ...
then empty folders are defaultly deleted --> capsman config is faulty because of pointing to non existing path --> capsman is reseted and not working after reboot
so now I'm not sure if it's bug or feature

Sorry if it's already known issue ... that's my first day here on

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