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Change radio-name CAPsMAN with Certificates 6.48

Sun Jan 17, 2021 8:52 pm


recently I have established the CAPsMAN configuration with CAPs provisioning via certificates locked to the CAPsMAN. All CAPs routerboards including the CAPsMAN are MIPSbe architecture with 6.48SW+6.48FW.

However, the advertised radio name, which stands for the MAC address without dashes, cannot be changed via GUI.
Not a big deal though, but it is annoying to know that without a CAPsMAN provisioning, I can easily change the radio name either in advanced GUI tab or via console.

I would prefer not showing the radio name (in this case MAC) for other scan-performing radios, indeed showing I am running the MikroTik devices. CAPsMAN Manager has a Require Peer Certificate turned on to involve the policy.

Is there any console command how to adjust the radio name to a non-default value, for example empty string value?

In addition, changing of the default MAC of the CAPs and then connecting them to the CAPsMAN is not the option - the validation process will not pass for the certificates when turned on (which I certainly intend to use in my setup). The config is telling me indirectly, that the MAC I am using to create a certificate pair needs to be the default radio MAC. Probably the CAPs certificate key string is always generated from the default radio MAC, no matter if I change it or not. Changing the radio MAC means there will not be a matching pair created with CAPsMAN.

Provisioning mode is create dynamic enabled.

Any advice on this welcome. Thank you,

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