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Capsman issues

Mon Jan 18, 2021 4:22 am

Hi i am new to this I might have config wrong ir something not right. I can't get setup at moment as not on site.
I have 4 hap ac lites as caps and another one as manager.
All on 6.48 stable .
Issue is the caps are controlled then not the controlled and not just going on and off so wifi goes on and off.Is the hap ac lite not strong enough in memory and processor to control the other 4 or have a bridge or loop issue somewhere
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Re: Capsman issues

Mon Jan 18, 2021 9:14 am

Would be very helpful if you could share the config of the CAPsMAN here:
/export hide-sensitive file=anythingyoulike

What is the CPU usage on the CAPsMAN?
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