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Randomly disconnect AP issue

Mon Jan 18, 2021 7:53 pm

Hi everybody,...
I want a little discuss my WISP business.
I am working in my own WISP business in my little city. In the early time, my customer is not too much, I using about 5 access point Location in the city for ( 30AP of 15s and 19s AP ) for 100 clients. Now I have 26 Access Point locations in the city for ( 160AP of 15s and 19s AP ) and 600 clients, all of the locations point backhaul link are using with PtP link connectivity ( Dyna dish, AF5x, AF24, Sxtsq5ac, ).
[flash=][/flash]Now,... Here come is an issue, What the Fu... is on my network?
All network connectivity is stable and in good running condition. but it can not be longer then 3 or 4 days😢😢, some of the AP are randomly disconnected in my network ( like Dead ). So all I have to do is shut them down and reopen them and they respawn again for the next 3 or 4 days. Now, this is my the best way to fix the issue at the moment. So,. somebody help me please because I want to be stay at home and want to drink every day😂😂😂( just Joking ).

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